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Tricia lives and teaches in the USA and online. She is currently the Children's Program Director at The Wherehouse Dance Company; trains Professionals online and also teaches children on Outschool.   Tricia was appointed an examiner for the NCDTA International in December of 2020. 


Tricia moved from England where she taught Dance & Performing Arts for over 20 years at Zazz, in the North-East of England becoming a qualified dance teacher on her 17th birthday.  She then achieved a B.A.(Hons) in Drama/Theatre & Music at the University of London (Royal Holloway) as well as gaining higher dance teacher qualifications  - 13 in all!


Tricia is a member of Equity UK as well as having served her last three years in the UK as a director of the Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association.  Tricia has trained all ages from babes to professionals with students achieving places at top West End Theatre schools.  Many former students are now following professional careers in the West End, on Cruise Ships and performing around the world!  She is proud to have trained many teachers successfully guiding them through their dance teacher qualifications with both the NCDTA and IDTA. 


Trish has also directed and choreographed many productions including for the BBC’s television show, ‘The Paradise’ and ITV's 'Inspector George Gentley' as well as Professoinal Cabaret Shows.


Tricia is trained in numerous dance styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Modern/Contemporary, Ballroom, Latin American, Freestyle/Street/Hiphop, Irish Dancing, Cheerleading, Musical Theatre.  In addition she teaches Acting & Drama/Music/Vocal/Piano.  


Now married to an American Forester she is learning how to walk in the woods without being scared of bugs!

Tricia A. Thompson

Tricia A. Thompson (Patricia Harbison)

Choreographer/Examiner/Dance & Performing Arts Teacher

F(NCDTA) M(IDTA) B.A.(Hons) Drama/Theatre & Music (London)

D32/33 Assessor (Dance)

Member of Equity






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